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The year of the battle of Thermopylae
Winner at Cannae
Fifth Emperor of Rome
Losing General at Carrhae
The year of the battle of Issus
Consul of Rome 7 times
Caesar defeated who at Alesia
The battle that ended the Second Punic War
Augstus was first known as ?
Who succeeded Marcus Aurelius
The final naval battle, where the Greeks beat the Persians
Caesar's son-in-law
Claudius' third wife
Varus lost how many legions
The name of the german who defeated Varus
The Jewish rebellion was finally defeated in AD73, where
Battle just before Hastings
Where was Harold shot with an arrow
The King before Harold
King Richard the.......?
Who first led the Mongol Horde
Year of the battle of Bannockburn
Year of the battle of Crecy
Year of the battle of Agincourt
English commander at Agincourt
The questionsThe answers
Henry the second's wife
He reigned from 1199-1216
Henry the seventh was a member of which dynasty
Who used 'a whiff of grapeshot'
The date of the storming of the bastile
The french king executed during the revolution
Who is supposed to have said ' let them eat cake'
The battle of the Three Emperors
Which ship first broke the Spanish and French line at Trafalgar
Beethoven composed the 'Battle Symphony' for which battle
Where did Napoleon invade in 1812
The name of the battle on 18th June 1815
The ship that took Napoleon to St Helena
The year of the revolutions around Europe
The peace treaty with France after Napoleons second defeat
Who was defeated at Little Bighorn
He delivered the Gettysburg address
Great German politician, also had a ship named after him
The single action the recieved 12 victoria crosses
The colour of the shirt worn by Garibaldi's volunteers in Italy,
The Kaiser of Germany during the First World War
The 'Desert Fox'
Year of the Battle of the Somme
'Neverin the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few,' which battle was this quote about
The date of Hiroshima

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