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Along which 'way' did Nero crucify christians
The name of the general that Nero forced to commit suicide
The general who won at Lake Trasimene
First names of Sulla
Suetonius and Cassius Dio both say that Nero sang what song during the great fire
Who was the 12th Roman emperor
The African king that Marius fought taking over from Metellus
Aetius beat Atilla the Hun at which battle
The commander of the Greek forces at Salamis
The naval battle that occured at the same time as Thermopylae
Which Spartan festival did not allowing any fighting
Greek commander at Marathon
Which Aristophanes play has Socrates as a character
The name of Caesar's favoured legion
In 371, Boeotia defeat Sparta, where
Which writer witnessed Vesuvius erupt
Who is the Greek god of healing and medicine
Caesar defeats Pompey, where
Who deposed the last western Roman Emperor, Romulus Augustus
Where was Pompey the Great finally killed

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