The Great World History Quiz

The Great World History Quix

Who is the Egyptian god of the Sun
Where are the Great Pyramids
At which battle against the Persians did 300 Spartans make a final stand
Socrates taught which famous philospher
Who taught another famous philospher
Alexander the Great ruled which nation
What is Istanbul's original name
Which famous battle occurred in 1066
Name the three major battles that the english won in the Hundred Years War(In chronological order)
Who's capital was Kharakorum
Where did Sir Robert the Bruce defeat the English
The war of the Roses was fought between which two houses (In alphabetical order)
The Name of Sir Francis Drakes Ship
Which Duke one the battles of Blenheim, Ramillies, Oudenarde & Malplaquet
Napoleon was crowned emperor in which year
Depicted in a famous painting 'The Charge of the.....' at the battle of waterloo
Ceasar, Pompey and Crassus made up the...
The Manga Carta was signed in
Nelson's quote 'I see no ships' occured at which battle
The archduke that was shot causing the start of World War 1
Name the two locations in Japan that the American's dropped atomic bombs on(In chronological order)
in 1945, where was the confence held that decided the division of Germany after World War 1
At which battle was British General Wolfe killed
Which civilisation built Machu Pichu
Which explore is attributed with being the first to circumnavigate the globe
Where was Christopher Columbus from
Which goths leader sacked Rome in 410AD
In which forest did Varus and his legions disappear
Which was the last pitched battle to have taken place on British soil in 1746
The ancient city of Antioch lies within which modern day country
In which year did Constantine the Great hold the council of Nicaea
Approximately what percentage of Hohenzollern Kings of Prussia or Germany were named 'Frederick', 'Wilhelm', or the combination 'Frederick Wilhelm'?
Which was not a Great Khan of Mongolia? - Batu, Ogadai, Guyuk & Mongke
Who was America's first president?
Who was the last Duke of Burgundy
Which battle occured directly before Rourke's Drift
Name the two major orders of Catholic knights during the medival ages (In alphabetical order)
Victoria Crosses where original made from metal taken from cannons that were used at which siege
The seven weeks war was between (In alphabetical order)
The German name of the book Hitler wrote in prison
Friedrich Barbarossa died in 1190 on his way to join which crusdae
Which general of Alexander the Great became ruler of Egypt
During the American Civil War, who was President of the Confederate States of America?
Who became Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1945, replacing Winston Churchill?
Where was Napoleon born?
Which European royal family, often the butt of inbreeding jokes, once ruled Austria?
Who was Premier of the Soviet Union in the Cuban Missle Crisis?
From what country did Britain begin to recruit Gurkha soldiers in 1816?
Which Spanish conquistador destroyed the Aztec (or Mexica) empire in what is now Mexico?
At which Spanish port was Sir Francis Drake reported to have 'singed the king of Spain's beard'
ho was defeated at the Battle of Tours (or of Poitiers) by the Franks led by Charles Martel?
Who was surnamed the 'Father of History'?
What political system based on a strict social hierarchy with land-owning nobles at the top was dominant in middle-age Europe?
What was the original name of New York?
After whom was Virginia named?
Who famously delcared 'Veni, vidi, vici' ?
Which empire was arguably one of the superpowers of the ancient world, rivaled only by the Romans, with whom they were often at war? They were based in modern-day Iran
What is the date of Charlemagne's coronation?
Of which country was James I the King before becoming King of England?
hich region was France forced to cede to Germany in wake of its defeat in 1871?
Clive of India won which famous battle
On top of the French, Portuguese, Dutch and English who also had trading posts in India?
Which Greek city founded the most colonies in the 9th century BC?
Who rode alledgly through the streets of Coventry nude to protest against the high taxes imposed by her husband on his tenants?
What is Sri Lanka's former name?
Where is the oldest university in Europe?
Who was 'The Lady of the Lamp'
In which country was the use of the longbow first reported?
hat was the title of the leader of the Genoan Republic?
Which of these modern-day areas did Rome not completely conquer? - Spain, Germany, Greece & France
Which modern day country was originally called Dacia
How many of the Seven Wonders of the World still exist
Which famous politician popularised the term 'Iron Curtain' to describe the separation of Europe during the Cold War?
Which English Queen was executed May 19, 1536?
Who is the Father of Indian Independence
Youngest Pharaoh in egpyt
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