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Can you name the chocolate bar by description?

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DescriptionChocolate Bar
Peppermint cream filling in dark chocolate
Chocolate nougat with caramel in chocolate coating
A cookie bar with two fingers of shortcake biscuit base topped with Caramel and covered in chocolate.
Honeycombed peanut butter filling coated with chocolate
Peanut butter and nougat filling in milk chocolate
Chocolate peanut crisp and caramel in milk chocolate
Peanuts in granular milk chocolate
Layer of caramel and peanut butter over pretzels and peanuts in milk chocolate
Aerated chocolate nougat with milk-chocolate coating.
Solid milk chocolate
Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry variants
Milk-chocolate covered coconut with whole almonds.
Crunchy butter toffee in milk chocolate
Round milk chocolate pieces filled with gooey caramel
Crunchy English-style almond toffee with milk chocolate coating
DescriptionChocolate Bar
Honeycombed peanut butter center in milk chocolate
Caramel fudge center with peanuts and milk chocolate coating
Peanut butter, caramel, and peanuts in milk chocolate
Chocolate candy bar with crisped rice
Sweetened coconut enrobed in dark or milk chocolate; introduced in 1921
Wafers in chocolate
Vanilla nougat with almonds and milk chocolate
Milk chocolate with crisped rice
Small peppermint creams in dark chocolate, boxed
Chocolate marshmallow covered with chocolate and coconut
Creamy milk and dark chocolate, with added varieties such as fruit and nut. The Mars equivalent to Cadburys Dairy Milk. Called Galaxy in the UK
a chocolate cup with a marshmallow center with almonds and coconut
Milk chocolate with peanuts and raisins
Caramel and nougat center with peanuts in milk chocolate
Caramel and crisped rice with milk chocolate

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