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QUIZ: How well do you know Jane Erye?

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First place Jane lives in
Name of Jane's boarding school
Jane's best friend at boarding school
The disease spreading throughout the school
Prominent Symbol
_________ takes care of Rochester's secret
Jane's competition for Rochester
Jane moves to ____________ after finishing her studies
Thornfield is ___________'s home
Mrs. Reed is Jane's _________'s _______
Rochester's big secret
Influential teacher at school
Master of the boarding school
Master calls Jane a ______
Who tries to set Rochester on fire
Who is Bertha?
Where does Bertha live?
Jane is a governess for _________
Jane's cousin
Where Jane discover's Rochester's secret
Bronte criticizes _________ society
Bronte admires Jane for her ______
Jane returns to Thornfield because
Jane's cousin wants the two of them to travel to _____
Bronte believes people should marry for ______
Rochester loses his _______ in the fire
After they marry, Rochester and Jane move to
Person who leaves Jane money

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