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The Sum Of How Old Albert Einstein Was When He Died And The Amount Of Protons In TWO Lithium Atoms
Ununoctium's Protons Minus Ununseptium's Protons
The Distance (In Miles) Of LHC's Outer Ring Plus The Amount Of Protons In A Phosphorus Atom
If The Atomic Mass Of An Atom Is 197 And The Element Is Gold, How Many Neutrons Are There?
The Amount Of Elements There Are Plus The Amount Of Protons In A Gold Atom
The Amount Of Years Between Each Leap Year Plus The Amount Of Degrees In A Right Angle
The Number Of Faces On A Cube Plus The Number Of Vertices On A Pyramid
The Difference Between Marie Curie's Birthday And Issac Newton's Birthday
Degrees In A Right Angle Minus The Amount Of Different Digits There Are
The Amount Of Zeros in A Googol Minus The Amount Of Zeroes In One U.S. Unit Of Decillion

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