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Forced Order
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24 hrs is like how many weeks
How many shots does it take to blow up jaws
How many people are eaten
How many barrels does jaws pull under
What is the name of the baseball player that quint talks about
What type of fish does quint tell mrs Brody they have caught
What is the name of the boy who is eaten?
What type of shark is mistaken for jaws
What state license did that caught shark eat
What is the name of the fisherman who is eaten
What kind of roast is used for bait
What is the name of the fisherman who swims away from jaws
Where does Michael take the sailboat?
What does Michael say he was bit by in the backyard
What was the size of the tooth hooper finds
What day of the week do chief and hooper kick back in on
Which leg is bitten of by the guy in the pond
What was the first death confused as

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