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FactsCase NameHolding/Rule
F: Women was beaten by husband for years and stabbed him in altercation, killing himR: Expert testimony on battered women's syndrome admissible to show that her fears of being attacked and behavior was reasonable
F: Man assaults ex-wife, causing her to miscarry her babyR: If law were changed to make killing of the fetus murder, then notice requirement not met, violating DP
F: Four people robbed store and one was killed by ownerR: Felony murder rule does not apply to defendant because of application of agency theory of felony murder rather than proximate cause theory - i.e., other agent was fully responsible for own death so co-felon not responsible.
F: Black man convicted for killing white man and sentenced to death. His defense introduced evidence of discrimination in sentencingR: A criminal defendant alleging an equal protection violation must prove existence of a discriminatory purpose and racially disproportionate and discriminatory effect.
F: Boss gropes and fingers over protestsR: Psychological manipulation is not physical force/coercion
F: Defendant was with another man when the other man shot and killed a guyH: While a person can be found to be an accomplice for aiding and abetting even if he did not do anything that was necessary for crime, here there many not be enough evidence to sustain a conviction.
F: Defendant suffered from mental health issues/was heavy drinker. After robbing bank, he pled insanity.R: Court opted for MPC standard for Insanity over common law because it was more flexible and remanded.
F: Had track marks from drug useR: Being addict is not grounds for criminal conviction - can't convict for a status crime.
 'R: Other members of a conspiracy are responsible for foreseeable crimes committed in furtherance of conspiracy by other members of conspiracy
F: Cannibalism CaseH: Reasonable fear of death does not provide a necessity defense for killing of an innocent person
F: Rum Theft Case, where guy accidently burned ship down while stealing the rumR: Act being collateral to crime does not make that act automatically criminal
F: Friend working for police asked dealer friend for marijuana but he was out. Dealer gave him instructions for how to get weed from another dealerR: Mere communicating that another might or probably would commit a criminal offense alone does not amount to aiding or abetting should offense ultimately be committed.
F: Man led cops on a car chase, and during chase two helicopters trailing him collided and occupants diedR: Even if defendant does not personally kill individuals, if actions are actual cause of death and result reasonably foreseeable consequence (as was case here), defendant can be liable.
F: Defendant intentionally set fire to a couch, causing fire fighters to enterapartment, who then died because of smoke from coincidental fire on lower floorR: Criminally liable if conduct is sufficient actual cause of another's death and reasonably related to act -- even if act itself was not, on its own, sufficient.
F: Nightclub fire caseR: Blocking fire exits was 'wanton and reckless' - also some weird negligence stuff.
Man was robbing house, and then was caught. Was about to leave when owner came back out with gun. Robber came at owner with wrench. Owner shot him. R: Self-defense can be either a justification or an excuse; it depends on if reasonable belief was well founded. Case here found defendant guilty for manslaughter because he might have retreated to home and reengaged after not being initial aggressor
F: Drug deal went south and two undercover cops killed in shootingR: Co-conspirators convicted of murder because shoot out and death of cops was reasonably foreseeable.
F: Gas meter tampering leads to injuriesR: Malicious can be equivalent to wanton/reckless - wicked intent not required
F: Armed with weapons people robbed office and man died of heart attack shortly afterR: Proximate cause of death during robbery and thus guilty (Felony Murder Rule)
F: Man set fire to house allegedly that was uninsured and sons diedR: Distinguishes between death from crimes not known to be dangerous to life and death from crimes like rape and arson which are likely to cause death; Held: Setting fire was reasonably likely to cause death and conviction for murder appropriate
F: Corp. and officers charged with manslaughter after explosion at facility, which led to deaths, might have been result of material catching fire they had been warned aboutR: Lack of explanation for trigger of explosion meant that corp. and officers could not be found guilty for negligence homicide.
F: D recruited backup for fight and backup had weapons. When fight broke out, backup shot and killed person. D was convicted for conspiracy to commit aggravated assault and murderR: Broad liability interpretation - if reasonably foreseeable consequence of conspiracy then yes.
 R: Only a reasonable mistake about consent is a defense in rape context
F: 17-year-old penetrates 15-year-old without consent after mutual pettingR: Intercourse without consent can be rape even without threats or force b/c force satisfied by penetration
F: Man stabbed wife after she mocked his sexual performanceR: Verbal provocation alone never lowers murder to manslaughter
F: .315 BAC kills another driver in accidentR: Reckless/wonton/gross deviation from reasonable standard can be proof of malice
F: Man ran messaging service and was aware that prostitutes used service but did not turn them inR: In order to make a supplier of goods or services a participant in a criminal conspiracy, supplier needs knowledge and intent to further illegal use of goods or services.
F: Husband and wife failed to supply 17 months old child with medical attentionR: Though completely unintentional, still rose to negligence standard required for unintentional homicide
F: Youths on subway demand five dollars, and man shoots them all with unlicensed pistolR: 'Reasonably believes' language used as subjective test - allowing jury to consider circumstances when considering self defense
F: El Salvador protest and civil disobediance defense raisedH: Court denies choice of evils balancing test because no potential for immediate impact (provides a list of factors that allow defensive for civil disobedience)
F: Light choking and stealing of keys prior to rape, and defendant knew victim was scared for her life but lower court reversed convictionH: While force used not enough to provide for rape, jury might have determined that she was reasonably scarred for her life based on behavior of defendant.
F: Man assaults wife after learning he had sex with wifeR: Whether a provocation is reasonable for mitigation is a jury question
F: Movie theater distributor sent letter to eight theaters chains and made clear same offer was being sent to all of themR: Evidence of direct agreement to participate in a conspiracy is not necessary - may be inferred from acts.
F: Three physicians drove, against her will, women to house and raped herR: Rape victim is not required to use physical force to resist as long as lack of consent is found to be honest and real (Mistake of Fact requires mistake have been reasonable)
F: Defendant was put in charge of caring for child, who was neglected and died, and he was found guilty of manslaughterR: Failure to act provides for criminal liability only in specific situations (e.g., statute imposes duty of care or where one person has assumed care of another voluntarily)
F: Defendant convicted for murder after person dies over a year and one day later (previous limit)R: No violation of due process clause or ex post facto clause where reasonable and foreseeable; Dissent: No change defensible
F: Extremely battered wife shot husband while he was asleepR: Not entitled to perfect or imperfect self-defense jury instructions
F: Russian poker caseR: Behavior can be so extreme in showing indifference to human life that it can bump manslaughter up from second degree to murder
F: D escaped from prison where he was being abused and was threatenedR: Jury should have decided if necessity would act as defense
 R: Whether Defendant was EED (extremely emotionally distressed) is subjective question; whether disturbance is reasonable is an objective question
F: Man has friends try to get information from man 'at any costs,' and they shoot himR: Accomplice liability because natural and probable result
F: Man lured to apartment complex where he was shot, and defendant who played part in luring him there but did not shoot him was convicted of murderR: Can still hold man accountable for reckless behavior of another if behavior or result was reasonably foreseeable
F: Mentally retarded murderer sentenced to deathR: Capital punishment of mentally retarded is cruel and unusual punishment
F: Conspiracy was concluded but prosecution wanted to get evidence in from after conspiracy ended by claiming it was ongoingR: Once purpose of conspiracy achieved or irrelevant, conspiracy ceases (Note: In concurrence, Jackson argued implied/constructive conspiracy has been extended too far)
F: HIV positive rapist charged with attempted murderR: Defendant’s exposure of victims to HIV insufficient to establish intent
F: Person shoots spouse with gun behind bedR: No time too short for premeditation.
F: Man assisted others commit suicide but does not commit over actR: Conviction for murder improper if defendant merely involved in events leading up to commission of final overt act (i.e., commiting suicide) by dead individual
F: Under duress doctor helped forge medical info for insurance fraud schemeR: Duress can be a defense to crimes other than murder where force used or threats made that a reasonable person of firmness in situation would have been unable to resist.
F: Drunk guy dragged into street by copsR: 'appear' as an element means voluntary conduct (all about framing)
F: Man shot cop while unconsciousR: Unconscious behavior is not voluntary
F: Captain of ship ran it aground and it leaked oilR: Criminal Negligence is equivalent to civil negligence; Dissent: Can't support punitive so why support imprisonment
F: Man was prescribed narcotics and then claims he became addicted as a result - sought to have his conviction overturned on insanity basisR: State rejected MPC volition standard and convicted.
F: Black man walked behind white women in white neighborhood - he was then convicted for an attempt to assault with intent to rapeR: Intent is a question to be determined by jury from context demonstrated at trial and social conditions and customs, even those founded on racial differences
F: Man cuts child during altercationR: Criminal Negligence has an MR component -- and child abuse requires criminal negligence not normal negligence
F: Shooting at chair but struck childR: Behavior classified as recklessness not negligence
F: Man convicted to death based on two counts of murderR: Death penalty not per se violation of 8th and 14th amendments - fluid concept that must be evaluated in current social context
F: Epileptic drives and crashesR: Choice to drive is voluntary act sufficient for liability
F: D drove around looking for person to rob and were arrested for robberyR: No 'Dangerous Proximity' to payroll messenger and therefore no crime - 'act must tend towards crime' (Minority rule)
F: Dish towel snapped at coworker, who then stabs victim with knifeR: Intent to kill is not same as premeditation
F: Chronic alcoholic was arrested for public intoxication and argued that he could not be held responsible because it was a diseaseR: punishment of conduct that is symptomatic of chronic alcoholism is not in violation of either eighth or fourteenth amendments

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