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QUIZ: Can you name the Greek and Roman Gods and Heroes?

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God, Creature or HeroName
Roman King of Gods
Roman God of Light
Roman Messenger God
Roman God of Sea
Roman God of War
Roman God of Fire
Roman God of Wine
Roman God of Woods
Roman God of Love
Roman God of Underworld
Roman Goddess of Wisdom
Roman Goddess of the Hunt
Roman Goddess of Love
Roman Queen of Gods
Roman Goddess of of Grain
Greek King of Gods
Greek God of Light
Greek Messenger God
Greek God of Sea
Greek God of War
Greek God of Fire
Greek God of Wine
Greek God of Woods
Greek God of Love
Greek God of Underworld
Greek Goddess of Wisdom
Greek Goddess of the Hunt
God, Creature or HeroName
Greek Goddess of Love
Greek Queen of Gods
Greek Goddess of of Grain
12 labors hero
Killed father and married mother
Gorgon who turned people to stone
Killed the Gorgon who turned people to stone
Found golden fleece
Killed minotaur
Woman who hunted Caladonian boar
horse with wings
tamed horse with wings
Opened box of evils
Held earth on shoulders
fell in love with self
Greatest mortal musician
Greatest mortal musician's wife
Giants who ruled before the Olympians
Fought at Troy and had lots of trouble getting home
One eyed monster who was blinded
Leader of Greeks at Troy
King of Trojans
The face that set forth a thousand ships
Best fighter of the Greeks at Troy
Warrior known for killing self
Injured an immortal in the Trojan War
King of Sparta in Trojan War
God, Creature or HeroName
Led 300 Spartans at Thermopylae
Ithacan woman with lots of suitors
Ithacan son of Trojan war hero
King of Pylos, Argonaut
Trojan youth kidnapped by king god disguised as eagle
Girl kidnapped by underworld god
Founder of Rome
Brother killed by founder of Rome
Twin founders' mother
Roman woman who committed suicided after her rape
Trojan wanderer whose descendants founded Rome
Queen of Carthage, killed self
King of Rutulians, killed in duel
Rolled a big rock up a hill perpetually
Killed by father and served to gods as a meal
Couldn't eat or drink in the underworld
Greek name for the 'fates'
Spun the thread of Life
Measured the thread of Life
Cut the Thread of Life
Greek name for the 'furies'
Titan who castrated his father
Father Sky
Mother Earth
Underworld ferryman
Three headed underworld dog

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