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The amount of land and water needed to sustain people indefinitely
A new science based on finding what in nature works and how to copy it
We are apart of, amd totally dependent on, nature
Environmental and resource problems are solved with economic growth and development, also better technology and management
A place on the earth that we feel we know
We have an ethical responsibility to be caring managers of earth.
The free market should decide how we use resources
Focusing on the enitre biosphere
Maintaining the earth for future generations
The earth can be dominated, changed, and managed to our benefit
A global transformation focused on maintaining the enviroment
How someone gets from one place to another
We are apart from nature and can manage it to meet our needs.
How people think the world works and what they believe their role in the world should be.
The resources that support our life and economy
What one believes is right and what is wrong in our behavior towards the enviroment.
Focusing primarily on the wants and needs of peole
How much food a society produces

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