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Which kind of marriage was originally only allowed between patricians?It involved spelt, or far.
Which form of marriage was originally common among plebeians?
Which form of marriage involved the fictitious sale of a woman to her husband?
What is the name of intermarriage between a patrician and plebeian?
When was this first formally allowed in Rome?
Which form of marriage was most common if one party was plebeian and the other patrician?
Give the Latin name for the state in which a Roman woman's property was owned by her husband.To enter this state is to pass 'in manum viri'.
In the time of whom was passing 'in manum viri' generally uncommon?
Confarreatio was kept because it was neccessary for some Roman _________.
Who eliminated manus from confarreatio?
Who gave woman exemption from manus if they had three children?
How old must a male and female have been to be married respectively?
What is the Latin name for a dowry?
Almost what fraction of the year was absolutely barred from marriage?
To whom did a woman dedicate her bulla on the night before her wedding?They were of her father's household.
What was the name of the wedding dress?
The woman's wedding dress was tied with the knot of whom?He was the guardian of wedded life.
hintExtra Clue
The veil had the same colours as what?
Into how many locks was the womans hair divided?It was worn in that way by the Vestal Virgins as well.
Omens were taken on the day of the marriage by whom?Also known as a soothsayer.
Who brought together the bride and groom in the confarreate ceremony?
How many witnesses were there in this type of ceremony?The number represented the number of clans of the curia.
Who carried the utensils in the confarreate ceremony?
What did the guests shout at the ceremony's end?
Where was the coin that represented the purchase of a wife in coemptio placed?
At whose house was the wedding dinner almost always held?
What were sung during the procession to the bride's house (in Latin)?They were full of coarse jests and personal remarks.
How many coins did the wife drop on the way to her house?
What sacred piece of furniture was placed in the atrium on the night of the marriage?
What was the Latin name for the matron's costume?
Who dedicated a book on farming to his wife?
Which celebration was similar to our Mother's Day?It was on the kalends of March.
From where were women's eulogies often delivered?

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