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Can you name the important dates of the Roman Republic?

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The legendary founding date of Rome.
The period of Etruscan kings.
The first Samnite War.
The capture of Veii.
The sack of Rome by the Celts.
The Latin war.
In this year Pyrrhus landed in southern Italy.
Rome conquered Tarentum.
The first Punic War.
Rome's fleet was destroyed in this year at Drepana.
The battle of Cannae.
The battle of Zama.
The battle of Cynoscephalae.
The battle of Magnesia, in which Antiochus the third was defeated.
The battle of Pydna, against King Perseus of Macedonia.
The sack of both Carthage and Corinth.
The building of Rome's first stone bridge, the Pons Aemilius.
Pergamum was left to Rome in its kast king's will.
The two years in which Marius drove out the Teutones and Cimbri respectively.
The Social War.
Octavian becomes Rome's emperor, thus ending the Republic.
The battle of Actium.
Sulla made himself absolute dictator.
The seige of Alesia.
Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon.
Julius Caesar becomes dictator-for-life and is assasinated.
The battle of Philippi.
Julius Caesar becomes governor of Cisalpine Gaul and consul.
The battle of Pharsalus.
The final defeat of Mithridates of Pontus at Nicopolis.

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