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Can you name the popular NASCAR drivers in 2012?

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crew chiefdriver
steven lane
bryan cook
steve gray
kevin manion
pat tryson
todd parrott
chad norris
nick harrison
pete rondeau
gene nead
bill henderson
slugger labbe
chris heroy
kenny francis
shane wilson
jason ratcliff
ryan pemberto
scott eggleston
jimmy fennig
gil martin
todd berrier
chad knaus
paul wolfe
darian grubb
crew chiefdriver
tommy baldwin
matt puccia
doug richert
tony gibson
chad johnston
charles dickey
brian pattie
steve letarte
buddy sisco
donnie wingo
bob osborne
greg erwin
alan gustafson
jay guy
drew blickensderfer
todd gordon
samuel stanley
tony furr
frank stoddard
dave rogers
bootie barker
todd anderson
steve addington
scott zipadelli

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