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What channel did Friends originally air on?
In the King of Queens, Doug works for what company?
Sam, from Cheers, used to play for what MLB team?
What was the name given to the unattractive male across the street in the shoe Friends?
This African-American kissed Archie Bunker on a memorable episode in All in the Family.
In the Cosby Show, Cliff's daughter Olivia would go on to produce what Disney sitcom in real life?
Roseanne took place in what US state?
In the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will and Carlton attend what fictional college?
Home Improvement first had Pamela Anderson and then it had...
The Drew Carey Show, at one point, used this song from the Presidents of the United States of American as its theme song.
In Everybody Loves Raymond, Robert proposed to Amy by pretending to do what to her?
Frasier star Grammer also voiced this character on a popular animated show.
The four characters in Yes, Dear include Jimmy, Kim, Greg, and...
In the classic Seinfeld episode the Understudy, George's father, Frank, once spoke to whom while on business trip in Korea?

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