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Can you name the Game of Thrones Character By Death?

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Season One
Poisoned Lysa Arryn 
Decapitated By Eddard Stark 
Killed By The Hound 
Executed By Eddard Stark  
Stabbed By Jaime Lannister 
Burned By Khal Drogo 
Murdered By A Pig 
Killed By Lannister Soldiers  
Killed By Lannister Soldiers (unconfirmed)  
Decapitated By Illyn Payne  
Suffocated By Daenerys Targaryen 
Burned Alive 
Season Two
Stabbed By Amory Lorch 
Thorat Slit By Polliver 
Stabbed By Shadow Assassin 
Shot By Jaqen H'ghar 
Decapitated By Theon Greyjoy 
Shot By Jaqen H'ghar 
Strangled By Jaime Lannister 
Stabbed By Jon Snow 
Stabbed By Osha 
Burned Alive By Dragons 
Season Three
Slain By Karl Tanner 
Slain By Rast 
Decapitated By Robb Stark  
Shot By Joffrey Baratheon 
Stabbed By Jon Snow 
Throat Slit By Catelyn Stark  
Shot By Frey Soldiers  
Stabbed By Frey Soldier 
Stabbed By Roose Bolton 
Throat Slit By Frey Soldier 
Season Four
Throat Slit By Arya Stark 
Poisoned By Olenna Tyrell 
Shot By Littlefinger 
Impaled By Jon Snow 
Savaged By Ghost 
Neck Broken By Hodor 
Killed By Littlefinger 
Killed By Gregor Clegane 
Shot By Ygritte 
Shot By Olly 
Killed By Giant 
Stabbed By Wight 
Slain By Brienne of Tarth (unconfirmed) 
Strangled By Tyrion Lannister 
Shot By Tyrion Lannister 
Season Five
Mercy Killed By Jon Snow  
Beheaded By Daario 
Beheaded By Jon Snow 
Slain By Sons of the Harpy 
Died Of Natural Causes 
Beaten To Death By Tormund  
Slain By Wights 
Burned Alive By Melisandre 
Stabbed By Sons of the Harpy 
Suicide By Hanging 
Executed By Brienne of Tarth 
Doomed To Fall By Theon Greyjoy 
Slaughtered By Arya Stark  
Poisoned By The Sand Snakes 
Stabbed By Alliser Thorne/Olly 

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