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ClothingFamily MemberInstrument/job
Red Shirt And HatElectric Guitar
Ski Cap And OverallsSaxophone
Multi-Colored Shirt And Baseball CapTriangle
Pink T-ShirtInstrument Seller
Missle And Normal Clothes + HatGun Store Owner
Lab Coat And CanePoition Maker
Dress ClothesGame Show Host
Ripped Overalls And White ShirtTrombone
Pajamas And A PacifierBaby
NothingKremlin Gang(Former Member Of Kong Family)
Pink Shirt And HatDiddy's Girlfriend
NothingBoss in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
NothingBoss in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
ClothingFamily MemberInstrument/job
Crown And Red CapeD.K.'s Arch Znemesis
Crocodile Like ServantsServants
RhinoAnimal Buddy
SwordfishAnimal Buddy
ParrotAnimal Buddy
SpiderAnimal Buddy
OstrichAnimal Buddy
FrogAnimal Buddy
SnakeAnimal Buddy
AnglerfishAnimal Buddy
SealAnimal Buddy
Purple ParrotAnimal Buddy
ElephantAnimal Buddy
Parallel BirdAnimal Buddy
WildebeestAnimal Buddy
Orca WhaleAnimal Buddy

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Tags:clothing, family, instrument, job, kong

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