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Super BowlKickerTeam/Yardage
IKansas City Chiefs: 31 yards
IIGreen Bay Packers: 39 yards
IIGreen Bay Packers: 20 yards
IIGreen Bay Packers: 43 yards
IIGreen Bay Packers: 31 yards
IIINew York Jets: 32 yards
IIINew York Jets: 30 yards
IIINew York Jets: 9 yards
IVKansas City Chiefs: 48 yards
IVKansas City Chiefs: 32 yards
IVKansas City Chiefs: 25 yards
VDallas Cowboys: 14 yards
VDallas Cowboys: 30 yards
VBaltimore Colts: 32 yards
VIDallas Cowboys: 9 yards
VIMiami Dolphins: 31 yards
VIIIMiami Dolphins: 28 yards
XDallas Cowboys: 36 yards
XPittsburgh Steelers: 36 yards
XPittsburgh Steelers: 18 yards
XIOakland Raiders: 24 yards
XIOakland Raiders: 40 yards
XIIDallas Cowboys: 35 yards
XIIDallas Cowboys: 43 yards
XIIDenver Broncos: 47 yards
XIIIDallas Cowboys: 27 yards
XIVPittsburgh Steelers: 41 yards
XIVLos Angeles Rams: 31 yards
XIVLos Angeles Rams: 45 yards
XVPhiladelphia Eagles: 30 yards
XVOakland Raiders: 46 yards
XVOakland Raiders: 35 yards
XVISan Francisco 49ers: 22 yards
XVISan Francisco 49ers: 26 yards
XVISan Francisco 49ers: 40 yards
XVISan Francisco 49ers: 23 yards
XVIIWashington Redskins: 31 yards
XVIIMiami Dolphins: 20 yards
XVIIWashington Redskins: 20 yards
XVIIIWashington Redskins: 24 yards
XVIIILos Angeles Raiders: 21 yards
XIXMiami Dolphins: 37 yards
XIXMiami Dolphins: 31 yards
Super BowlKickerTeam/Yardage
XIXMiami Dolphins: 30 yards
XIXSan Francisco 49ers: 27 yards
XXNew England Patriots: 36 yards
XXChicago Bears: 28 yards
XXChicago Bears: 24 yards
XXChicago Bears: 24 yards
XXIDenver Broncos: 48 yards
XXINew York Giants: 21 yards
XXIDenver Broncos: 28 yards
XXIIDenver Broncos: 24 yards
XXIIISan Francisco 49ers: 41 yards
XXIIICincinnati Bengals: 34 yards
XXIIICincinnati Bengals: 43 yards
XXIIISan Francisco 49ers: 32 yards
XXIIICincinnati Bengals: 40 yards
XXIVDenver Broncos: 42 yards
XXVNew York Giants: 28 yards
XXVBuffalo Bills: 23 yards
XXVNew York Giants: 21 yards
XXVIWashington Redskins: 34 yards
XXVIBuffalo Bills: 21 yards
XXVIWashington Redskins: 25 yards
XXVIWashington Redskins: 39 yards
XXVIIBuffalo Bills: 21 yards
XXVIIDallas Cowboys: 20 yards
XXVIIIDallas Cowboys: 41 yards
XXVIIIBuffalo Bills: 54 yards
XXVIIIDallas Cowboys: 24 yards
XXVIIIBuffalo Bills: 28 yards
XXVIIIDallas Cowboys: 20 yards
XXIXSan Diego Chargers: 31 yards
XXXDallas Cowboys: 42 yards
XXXDallas Cowboys: 35 yards
XXXPittsburgh Steelers: 46 yards
XXXIGreen Bay Packers: 37 yards
XXXIGreen Bay Packers: 31 yards
XXXIIDenver Broncos: 51 yards
XXXIIGreen Bay Packers: 27 yards
XXXIIIAtlanta Falcons: 32 yards
XXXIIIDenver Broncos: 26 yards
XXXIIIAtlanta Falcons: 28 yards
XXXIIIDenver Broncos: 37 yards
XXXIVSt. Louis Rams: 27 yards
Super BowlKickerTeam/Yardage
XXXIVSt. Louis Rams: 29 yards
XXXIVSt. Louis Rams: 28 yards
XXXIVTennessee Titans: 43 yards
XXXVBaltimore Ravens: 47 yards
XXXVBaltimore Ravens: 34 yards
XXXVISt. Louis Rams: 50 yards
XXXVINew England Patriots: 37 yards
XXXVINew England Patriots: 48 yards
XXXVIIOakland Raiders: 40 yards
XXXVIITampa Bay Buccaneers: 31 yards
XXXVIITampa Bay Buccaneers: 43 yards
XXXVIIICarolina Panthers: 50 yards
XXXVIIINew England Patriots: 41 yards
XXXIXNew England Patriots: 22 yards
XLSeattle Seahawks: 47 yards
XLIIndianapolis Colts: 29 yards
XLIIndianapolis Colts: 24 yards
XLIIndianapolis Colts: 20 yards
XLIChicago Bears: 44 yards
XLIINew York Giants: 32 yards
XLIIIPittsburgh Steelers: 18 yards
XLIIIPittsburgh Steelers: 21 yards
XLIVIndianapolis Colts: 38 yards
XLIVNew Orleans Saints: 46 yards
XLIVNew Orleans Saints: 44 yards
XLIVNew Orleans Saints: 47 yards
XLVPittsburgh Steelers: 33 yards
XLVGreen Bay Packers: 23 yards
XLVINew England Patriots: 29 yards
XLVINew York Giants: 38 yards
XLVINew York Giants: 33 yards
XLVIISan Francisco 49ers: 36 yards
XLVIISan Francisco 49ers: 27 yards
XLVIISan Francisco 49ers: 34 yards
XLVIIBaltimore Ravens: 19 yards
XLVIIBaltimore Ravens: 38 yards
XLVIIISeattle Seahawks: 31 yards
XLVIIISeattle Seahawks: 33 yards
XLIXSeattle Seahawks: 27 yards
50Denver Broncos: 34 yards
50Denver Broncos: 33 yards
50Denver Broncos: 30 yards
50Carolina Panthers: 39 yards

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