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Can you name the Howard Stern Wack Pack Identification?

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This is ______Black Midget, appears on Killers of Comedy
A heavy binge on crack caused a stroke that left him with severely altered speech.
A caller who has a dislike for black people, although half African-American.Female
Doesnt consider himself a wackpacker. Doesnt want to fly with balloons.
Replicates the voice of Dave Letterman
Mentally challenged with thick glasses. Resides in Oregon
Often leaves very racial messages
High pitched voice and very obese. I'm Kelly Clarkson
An alcoholic with a paralyzed arm
Has a Vomit Fetish
Came out of the closet and made out with a guy on showIn and out of rehab
Hosts his own show on 101 - Straight Talk
She calls in with an annoying voiceFred plays a crow sound effect
Andrea Ownbey from Georgia holds this title for almost a decade
Deep voiced female bodybuilder
male-to-female transexualSat on high pitch mikes face for a TV
Calls in with imitations using his voice and a keyboardSteve Langford: 'I want you put in Jail'
Female retard who answers yes to everything. Enjoys bowling and drinking.Lives in Florida
a woman who does performance art pieces focusing on the exploits of the cartoon character Underdog
a foul-mouthed insult comedian who dresses like a clownPerforms for the killers of comedy
Mark Junior'I live up near canada, it is'
Artie made out with this elderly porn star'This is better than rejuvenation,'
an alcoholic dwarf known for his tirades and ongoing feud with Beetlejuice.Deceased

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