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One who believes in a government without law or order, or in a government that lacks a central authority.
President Taft's policy of promoting US interests overseas by encouraging American business to invest in foreign countries.
A movement or doctrine that advocates or demands for women the same rights granted men, such as equal economic or political status.
The Supreme Court cases that dealt with the constitutional rights in the newly acquired territories. The Court ruled that Congress was to determine how to handle the territories.
Senators opposed to ratification of the Treaty of Versailles on any grounds; lead by isolationists.
A foreign policy that abstains from the political or economic alliances or compacts with other nations.
A group of investigative reporters who pointed out the abuses of big businesses and the corruption of urban politics.
Program that Theodore Roosevelt ran on in the election of 1912; large corporatios had to be controlled and regulated by the President and the fed government.
Woodrow Wilson's program during 1912 election; business competition could be restored by breaking up the trusts.
Heightened concern, after WWI, in the US about communism and fear that it would spread.
The late-nineteenth-century belief that it was the destiny of the US to expand beyond its continental borders.

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