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American foreign policy adopted adter WWII to restrain the expansion of the Soviet Union. The policy was developed by George Kennan in 1947
The policy of John Foster Dulles that stressed that Soviet aggression would be met by massiave nuclear retaliation; was opposed to simply 'containing' the USSR.
Policy toward the USSR developed by President Nixon and Henry Kissinger focused on easing tensions through negotiations, particularly on arms reduction.
The US was prepared to use force in the Middle East against aggression from any country controlled by the Soviet Union.
Farewell adress 1961, Eisenhower warned of the danger posed by a strong defense industry and armed forces; Eisenhower wanted to control military spending.
In response to the Greek Civil War in 1947, the US provided economic and military aid to both Greece and Turkey. The US would support 'free peoples' against armed minorities.
President Nixon's policy of withdrawing troops from Vietnam and turning over to Southern Vietnamese with massive amounts of American supplies.
Henry Kissinger's diplomatic efforts in the Middle East in early 1974 led to the withdrawal of Israeli troops from the west bank of the Suez Canal.

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