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Opposed to a strong central government and insisted on the inclusion of the Bill of Rights. Included Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe.
System in the Constitution through which the power of each branch of government is limited by the other.
A political system in which the central government is relatively weak, and member states retain considerable sovereignty.
Powers given specifically to Congress in the Constitution.
Political groups that agree on objectives and polcies' the orgins of political parties.
Constitution is broadly interpreted, recognizing that it could not possibly anticipate all future developments; relies on the idea of implied powers.
The structure of the government provided for in the Constitution where is authority is divided between executive, legislative, and judicial branches.
Accrding to the compact theory of the Union the states retained all powers not specifically delegated to the central government by the Constitution.
The principle that the national government is legally granted only those powers specifically delegated in the Constitution.
A tax on imports, taxes on exports are banned by the Constitution.

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