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Can you name the the key terms from the sectionalism and expansion period in US History?

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A moral crusade to immediately end the system of human slavery in the United States.
Intentionally breaking or defying the law to call attention to what is believed to be evil or injustice.
Position taken by Stephen Douglas in which he said slavery could not exist if local legislation did not accept it.
Created two new territories with slavery decided by popular sovereignty; it effectively repealed the Missouri Compromise.
Reflected a fear that the US was being taken over by foreigners. Found a political expression in the American Party also called the Know-Nothing Party.
It meant that the decision to permit slavery in a territory was up to the territorial legislature; it was incorporated into the Compromise of 1850.
American expression of the Romantic movement that emphasized the limits of reason, individual freedom, and nature; best represented by Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau.
The virtual civil war that erupted on Kansas in 1856 between pro slavery and free soilers as a consequence of the Kansas-Nebraska Act.
The idea that Congress had the authority to ban slavery in the western territories. It was embodied in the Wilmot Proviso. The advocates of this had their own political party.
An intellectual movement that stressed emotion, sentiment and individualism. A reaction to rationalism and the classical revival.

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