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Economic program advanced by Henry Clay that included support for a national bank, high tariffs, and internal improvements, and a strong government in the economy.
Refers to the claim from the supportsers of Andrew Jackson that John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay worked out a deal to ensure Adams would become president in 1824.
An attempt to withhold goods from exports in order to influence the policies of the former purchasers.
Refers to the period after War of 1812 during the presidency of James Monroe, when competition among political parties was at a low ebb.
British practice of taking American sailors from American ships and forcing them into a British navy; a factor in the War of 1812.
The right of the Supreme Court to declare a law passed by congress unconstitutional; the principle was established in Marbury v. Madison.
Slavery would be prohibited north of 36 30 line; Missouri would be a slave state and Maine a free state.
A United States policy that sought to insulate the Western Hemisphere from European intervention.
Theory advanced by John Calhoun; states, acting through a popular convention, could declare a law passed by Congress 'null and void'
Essentially, political patronage; public offices went to political supporters during Jackson's presidency.
Those nationalist members of Congress who atrongly supported war with Great Britain on the eve of the War of 1812.
A national political coalition formed to oppose the Jacksonian Democrats.

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