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Can you name the the key terms from the colonial period (1492-1763)?

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Definition Term
An interpretation of Puritan beliefs that stressed God's gift of salvation and minimized what an individual could do to gain salvation; identified with Anne Hutchinson
Under the English Navigation Acts, they were commodities that could be shipped only to England or other English colonies; included sugar, tobacco, cotton, and indigo.
Religious revival movement during the 1730s and 1740s; its leaders were George Whitfield and Jonathan Edwards
Settlement of over twenty thousand Puritans in Massachusetts Bay and other parts of New England between 1630 and 1642.
In 1662 Puritans permitted the baptized children of church members into a 'half-way' membership in the congregation and allowed them to baptize their children
Method of attracting settlers to Virginia; it gave fifty acres of land to anyone who paid their own passage or for that of any other settlers
Individuals who sold their labor for a fixed number of years in return for passage to the colonies; indentured servants were usually young, unemployed men and could be sold
Definition Term
The company sold shares of stock to finance the outfitting of overseas expeditions; colonies founded include Jamestown, and New Amsterdam
Economic policy that held that the strength of a nation is based on the amount of gold and silver; also, that the country needs a favorable balance of trade and that colonies exist
The sea route followed by slave traders from the west coast of Africa to th Western Hemisphere.
A colony founded as a grant of land by the king to an individual or group; Maryland, Carolina, and Pennsylvania are all examples.
Dissenters who sought to 'purify' the church of England from within and who initially populated much of New England.
Those who wanted to break all connections with the Church of England; the Pilgrims are an example
Trade pattern that developed in the colonies, between New England, Africa , and the West Indies

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