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The significant increase in the birth rate from 1946 through 1957; the rise in population contributed to the growth of the suburbs, consumer culture, and college enrollments.
Southern Democrats who bolted the party following the adoption of a civil rights plank at the 1948 convention; ran Strom thurmond as their candidate in 1948.
President Truman's domestic policy that included civil rights and an extension and enlargement of the New Deal.
President Johnson's domestic program that included Medicare, civil rights legislation, the War on Poverty; funding for the programs suffered because of the costs of the Vietnam War
Represented by President Eisenhower, it combined acceptance of the basic features of the New Deal with a conservatve economic policy, particularly controlling government spending.
President Nixon's program to return power and tax dollars to the states and cities; the key aspect was revenue sharing, which distributed $30 billion in revenues to the states.
High inflation combined with high unemployment and a declining gross national product; used to describe economic condition of the country in the mid-1970s
President Reagan's economic policy; reduction in taxes would give people more spendable income and in turn lead to business expansion and more jobs.
Under Chief Justice Earl Warren an activist Supreme Court became an important instrument of social and political change, particularly in civil rights and civil liberties.

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