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Can you name the the key terms from the Civil War and Reconstruction Era?

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Granted former slaves right to marry, sue, testify in court, and hold property but with significant qualifications.
Slaves states- Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri- that remained loyal to the Union
Derogatory term for Northern Republicans who were involved in Southern politics during Reconstruction.
Northern Democrats who opposed Lincoln's war policies and were concerned with the growth of the presidential power.
Supreme Court decision involving presidential war powers; civilians could not be tried in military courts in wartime.
Agency created by Congress as the war ended to assist Civil War refugees and freed former slaves.
Wooden ships with metal armor that were employed by both sides during the civil war.
Term used to describe Southern white Republicans who had opposed secession.
Common form of farming for freed slaves; recieved a small plot of land from the landlord who decided what and how much should be planted; landlord usually took half of crop.
Lincoln's Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction provided that new state government could be established in the South when 10% of the qualified voters took a oath of loyality.
Put foward by Andrew Johnson, it included repeal of ordinances of secession, repudiation of Confederate debts, and ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment.
Provided for dividing states into military districts; state conventions to draft constitutions that provided suffrage for black men; state legislatures to ratify the 14th Amendment

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