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Established in Boston 1772 it was a way for the colonies to state and communicate their grievances against Great Britain.
A European intellectual movement that stressed the use of human reason.
A measure that raised revenue through the regulation of trade- the Sugar Act is an example
Americans who remained loyal to Great Britain during the Revolution, also called Tories
A form of protest against British policies; colonial merchants refused to import British goods.
The British arguement that the American colonies were represented in Parliament, since the members of Parliament represented all Englishmen in the empire
Idea that concentrated power leads to corruption and tyranny; emphasis on balanced government where legislatures check the power of the executive
General search warrants employed by Britain in an effort to prevent smuggling in the American colonies.
The assertion that Great Britain had no right to tax the american colonies as long as they did not have their own representatives in the British Parliament
British-imposed tax directly on the colonies in attempt to raise revenue; the Stamp Act is an example

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