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Can you name the Guldbagge Award Winners for Best Swedish Film?

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1964Ingmar Bergman
1965Ake Falck
1966Bo Widerberg
1967Ingmar Bergman
1968Kjell Grede
1969Kalle Boman, Roy Andersson
1970 (tie)Roy Andersson
1970 (tie)Lars Lennart Forsberg
1971Jan Troell
1972Tage Danielsson
1973Ingmar Bergman
1974Vilgot Sjoman
1975Jan Halldorf
1976Tage Danielsson
1977Bo Widerberg
1978Tage Danielsson
1979Stefan Jarl
1980Mats Arehn
1981Kay Pollak
1982Hans Alfredson
1983Ingmar Bergman
1984Agneta Elers Jarlman
1985Lasse Hallstrom
1986Andre Tarkovsky
1987Bille August
1988 (tie)Max von Sydow
1988 (tie)Goran Guner, Jim Downing
1989Ake Sandgren
1990Kjell Grede
1991Jan Troell
1992Colin Nutley
1993Ake Sandgren
1994Rainer Hartleb
1995Bo Widerberg
1996Jan Troell
1997Daniel Alfredson
1998Lukas Moodysson
1999Ella Lemhagen
2000Roy Andersson
2001Jan Troell
2002Lukas Moodysson
2003Mikael Hafstrom
2004Maria Blom
2005Lena Einhorn
2006Catti Edfelt, Ylva Gustavsson
2007Roy Andersson
2008Jan Troell
2009Niels Arden Oplev
2010Babak Najafi
2011Lisa Aschan
2012Gabriela Pichler
2013Anna Odell
2014Ruben Ostlund
2015Magnus von Horn
2016Johannes Nyholm

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