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Can you name the Golden Ariel Award winners for Best Film?

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1946Roberto Gavaldón
1947Emilio Fernández
1948Emilio Fernández
1949Emilio Fernández
1950Alejandro Galindro
1951Luis Buñuel
1952Roberto Gavaldón
1954Roberto Gavaldón
1955Alejandro Galindro
1956Luis Buñuel
1957Alfonso Corona Blake
1958Ismael Rodríguez
1972 (tie)Alfonso Arau
1972 (tie)Gozalo Martinez, Jorge Fons, Juan Manual Torres
1972 (tie)Salomon Laiter
1973 (tie)Arturo Ripstein
1973 (tie)Luis Alcoriza
1973 (tie)Paul Leduc
1974Gonzalo Martinez Ortega
1975 (tie)Emilio Fernández
1975 (tie)Juan Manuel Torres
1976Miguel Littin
1977Jaime Humberto Hermosillo
1978 (tie)Jaime Humberto Hermosillo
1978 (tie)Arturo Ripstein
1979Arturo Ripstein
1980Felipe Cazals
1981Servando González
1982Raúl Kamffer
1984Felipe Cazals
1985Paul Leduc
1986Carlos Enrique Taboada
1987Arturo Ripstein
1988Alberto Isaac
1989Sergio Ohlovich
1990Diego López Rivera
1991Jorge Fons
1992Alfonso Arau
1993Guillermo del Toro
1994Arturo Ripstein
1995Jorge Fons
1996Carlos Carrera
1997Rafael Montero
1998Juan Pablo Villasenor
1999Carlos Bolado
2000Luis Estrada
2001Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
2002Ignacio Ortiz
2003Carlos Carrera
2004José Luis Garcia Agraz
2005Fernando Eimbcke
2006Ignacio Ortiz
2007Guillermo del Toro
2008Carlos Reygadas
2009Fernando Eimbcke
2010Mariana Chenillo
2011Luis Estrada
2012Emilio Portes
2013Paula Markovitch
2014Diego Quemada Diez
2015Alonzo Ruiz Palacios

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