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Can you name the Amanda Award Winners for best Norwegian film?

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1985Ola Solum
1986Anja Breien
1987Oddvar Einarson
1988Nils Gaup
1989Sigve Endresen
1990Martin Asphaug
1991Erik Gustavson
1992Berit Nesheim
1993Hannu Kivioja
1994Nils Gaup
1995Bent Hamer
1996Hans Petter Moland
1997Pål Sletaune
1998Carl Jørgen Kiønig
1999Torun Lian
2000Thomas Robsahm
2001Knut Erik Jensen
2002Even Benestad
2003Bent Hamer
2004Morten Tyldum
2005Erik Poppe
2006Lars Andreas Hellebust
2007Karin Julsrud
2008Yngve Saeter
2009Joaquim Rønning, Espen Sandberg
2010Sarah Johnsen
2011Marius Holst
2012Jannicke Systad Jacobsen
2013Dag Johan Haugerad
2014Erik Poppe
2015Halvard Braein
2016Roar Uthaug

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