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ABossy older cousin of Tommy on Rugrats
BHomer's drunk buddy
CPuppy snatching villain in 101 Dalmatians
DPurple caped, crime fighting bird
Eson of George in a futuristic cartoon
Frooster with strong southern accent
GSpongebob's snail pet
Hsecret identity of Penrod Pooch, a janitor
ITony Stark's superhero coverup
JAladdin's enemy
KWinnie's friend and Roo's mother
LCandlestick crooner in Beauty and the Beast
MOblivious old man who could use a visit to the eye doctor
NSimba's girlfriend in Lion King
Ored truck autobot
PFred and Wilma's little girl
QThe Griffin's pilot neighbor
Raspiring rat/chef
SOuter space super hero turned talk show host
Tbrown Care Bear with a red heart on his belly
Uoctopus-like woman that steals Ariel's voice
Vorange sweater wearing mystery solver
WCowboy buddy of Buzz Lightyear
XTeam of superheroes
YJellystone National Park resident.
ZBlue hornbill of Pride Rock

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