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Forced Order
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an arched bridge above the aisle roof that extends from the upper nave wall, where the lateral thrust of the main vault is greatest, down to a solid pier
the study and interpretation of types of symbols (in the bible) using elements from the Jewish bible (old testament) to act as a precursor to what happened in the new testament
the face or front wall of a building
element of the interior elevation of a church, found directly below the clerestory and consisting of a series of arched openings
a unit of space defined by architectural elements such as columns, piers, and walls
repeating unit of architecture, building blocks of the same thing. also a system of classifying types of arches
the figure’s body and posture is depicted in a serpentine, curvilinear S shape
a round window, often filled with stained glass set into tracery patterns in the form of wheel spokes, found in the facades of the naves and transepts of large Gothic churches
the arrangement, proportions, and details of any vertical side or face of a building. Also: an architectural drawing showing an exterior or interior wall of a building
East end of a church, usually contains the apse and radiating chapels
projecting chapels arranged radially around the ambulatory
Italian word for “majesty”; virgin and child enthroned in majesty Cimabue, Virgin and Child Enthroned (Maestà) (Western Europe)
black stone used as structure of stain glass window; stonework or woodwork forming a pattern in the open space of windows or applied to wall surfaces
a column, pier, or post found at the center of a large portal or doorway, supporting the lintel; the post in between two doors
Square columns with 4 engaged columns on each side to support arches or vaults
meant to be placed behind an altar
a figure carved into the jambs of a doorway or window
a container, often elaborate and made of precious materials, used as a repository for sacred relics
long and skinny with pointed arch at top; a tall, narrow window crowned by a sharply pointed arch
Technique – a style of painting in monochromatic shades of gray
decoration made of interwoven animals or serpents
overlapping lace-like pattern; usually on sacred books
the area over a door enclosed by an arch and a lintel, often decorated with sculpture or mosaic; the decoration under the arch/above the door
a groin vault with ribs (extra masonry) demarcating the junctions. Ribs may function to reinforce groins or may be purely decorative
underground area under church
a continuous horizontal band, such as molding, decorating the face of a wall

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