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Can you name the Thorpe Park Resort Rides 2015?

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HintAnswerproject code/ opening year
Beyond vertical 100 degree drop2009 opening
10 inversions2002 opening
Europe's first winged coaster2012 opening
0-80mph in under 2 sconds2006 opening
B&M inverted coaster2003 opening
Ride a wave of light and sound1996 opening
Worlds first jungle themed maze2015 opening
you're gonna get very wet on this one!2000 opening
a unique 4d experience2014 opening
a classic funfair ride with a twist!2014 opening
a 100ft mega drop tower2001 opening
when opened, it was Europe's tallest log flume1989 opening
a S&S screamin swing2005 opening
the force of a mighty warrior2004 opening
HintAnswerproject code/ opening year
a S&S sky swat2005 opening
a kmg afterburner2001 opening
originally from cypress gardens2011 opening
a amgic carpet ride2003 opening
a spinning enterprise ride2000 opening
a dinghy slide (4 lane)1991 opening
a powered family coaster1990 opening
a nice gentle swinging ride1994 opening
a water rapids ride1987 opening
a gentle circular kids ride1989 opening
the classic teacups2004 opening
a place to cool off1979 opening
a cluster of cool water slides1991 opening

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