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Fritz Lang1931
Russ Meyer1970
George Lucas1977
Jean Luc-Godard1966
Buster Keaton1924
Louis Feuillade1915-1916
Alfred Hitchcock1943
Alfred Hitchcock1958
Robert Bresson1959
Akira Kurosawa1954
Roman Polanski1974
Vittorio De Sica1952
James Whale1935
Jean Luc-Godard1965
Dziga Vertov1929
Ridley Scott1982
Robert Bresson1966
Preston Sturges1942
Satyajit Ray1955
F.W. Murnau1927
D.W Griffith1916
Orson Welles1942
Claude Lanzmann1985
Akira Kurosawa1950
Sergei Eisenstein1927
Jean Renoir1939
Douglas Sirk1955
Luis Bunuel1950
Chantal Akerman1975
Satyagit Ray1955-1959
Nicolas Roeg & Donald Cammell1970
Alfred Hitchcock1960
Leo McCarey1933
Martin Scorsese1973
Buster Keaton1927
Buster Keaton1928
Orson Welles1958
Erich von Stronheim1924
Roberto Rossellini 1946
Robert Bresson 1956
Jean Luc-Godard1963
Andrzej Wajda 1958
John Ford1956
Francois Truffaut1962
John Cassevetes1974
Carol Reed1949
Billy Wilder1950
Kon Ichikawa1963
Tobe Hooper1974
Alfred Hitchcock1959
Vittorio De Sica1949
Preston Sturges1941
Jean Vigo 1934
Alfred Hitchcock1946
Werner Herzog1972
Charlie Chaplin1936
Pier Paolo Pasolini1965
Fritz Lang1927
Yasujiro Ozu1953
Orson Welles1941
John Ford1962
Chris Marker1961
Stanley Kubrick1975
Sergei Eisenstein1925
Max Ophuls1953
Francis Ford Coppola1972
Gene Kelly & Stanley Donen1952
F.W. Murnau1922
Roberto Rossellini1966
Georges Melies1902
Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Shoedsack1933
D.W Griffith1915
Ingmar Bergman1956
Martin Scorsese1976
Pier Paolo Pasolini1975
Jacques Rivette1974
Abbas Kiarostami1990
Carl Theodor Dreyer1955
Theo Angelopoulos1988
Kenji Mizoguchi 1953
Charlie Chaplin1925
Frank Capra1946
Dario Argento1977
Francois Truffaut1959
Stanley Kubrick1968
Carl Theodor Deyer1928
Michael Snow1967
Charles Laughton1955
Reiner Werner Fassbinder1980
Charlie Chaplin1931
D.W Griffith1919
Francis Ford Coppola1974
Joseph L. Mankiewicz1950
George Kuchar1966
Victor Fleming1939
Jean Renoir1952
Jean Luc-Godard1962
Rainer Werner Fassbinder1975
Jean Luc-Godard1966
Bernardo Bertelucci1970

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