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Beacons of the SpiritPrimal Patriarch: b.2100-d.1500 B.C.E
Beacons of the SpiritMoral Philosopher: b.551-d.479 B.C.E
Beacons of the SpiritThe Enlightened One: b.563-d.480 B.C.E
Beacons of the SpiritGreece's Gadfly: b.469-d.399 B.C.E
Beacons of the SpiritSeeker of the Ideal: b.424-d.348 B.C.E
Beacons of the SpiritSacrificial Savior: b.7-2 B.C.E- d.30-36 A.D
Beacons of the SpiritCharismatic Convert: b.5-d.67 A.D
Beacons of the SpiritProphet of Islam: b.570-d.632
Beacons of the SpiritScholar, Sage, Physician: b.1135-d.1204
Beacons of the SpiritMystic Poet: b.1207-d.1273
Beacons of the SpiritHumble Spirit: b.1182-d.1226
Beacons of the SpiritDeep Thinker: b.1724-d.1804
Beacons of the Spirit Saint of the Gutters: b.1910-d.1997
Beacons of the SpiritTao Founder: Lived in the 6th century B.C.E
Beacons of the SpiritThe Confessions Writer: b.354-d.430
Beacons of the SpiritCharitable Pope: b.1920-d.2005
Explorers and VisionariesMaster of Medicine: b.460-d.377 B.C.E
Explorers and VisionariesGeometry's Genius: b.325-d.265 B.C.E
Explorers and VisionariesFather of Invention: b.287-d.212 B.C.E
Explorers and VisionariesPassionate Polymath: b.384-d.322 B.C.E
Explorers and VisionariesAlgebra's Father: b.780-d.850
Explorers and VisionariesBold Navigator: b.1371-d.1433
Explorers and VisionariesEarth Mover: b.1473-d.1543
Explorers and VisionariesIntrepid Navigator: b.1451-d.1506
Explorers and VisionariesGlobal Voyager: b.1480-d.1521
Explorers and VisionariesInformation's Liberator: b.1395-d.1468
Explorers and VisionariesCosmic Columbus: b.1564-d.1642
Explorers and VisionariesCogitator: b.1596-d.1650
Explorers and VisionariesCosmic Calculator: b.1642-d.1727
Explorers and Visionaries(l)1774-1809 (c) 1770-1838 (s) 1788-1812
Explorers and VisionariesReluctant Rebel: b.1809-d.1882
Explorers and VisionariesLong-Distance Operator: b.1847-d.1922
Explorers and VisionariesPatenting Progress: b.1847-d.1931
Explorers and VisionariesVisionary of Computing: b.1791-d.1871
Explorers and VisionariesPioneer of Healing: b.1822-d.1895
Explorers and VisionariesFilm's First Family: (a) 1862-1954 (l) 1864-1948
Explorers and VisionariesMagellan of the Mind: b.1856-d.1939
Explorers and VisionariesRelativity's Revelator: b.1879-d.1955
Explorers and VisionariesElemental Visionary: b.1867-d.1934
Explorers and VisionariesMasters of Gravity: (w) 1867-1912 (o) 1871-1948
Explorers and VisionariesPrime Mover: b.1863-d.1947
Explorers and VisionariesCode Crackers: (c) 1916-2004 (w) 1928-
Explorers and VisionariesDigital Visionary: b.1955-d.2011
Explorers and VisionariesViking Explorer: b.975-d.1020
Explorers and VisionariesVenetian in Cathay: b.1254-d.1324
Explorers and VisionariesRadio Pioneer: b.1874-d.1937
Leaders of the PeopleGreat Emancipator: b.1520-d.1400 B.C.E
Leaders of the PeopleVoice of Democracy: b.495-d.429 B.C.E
Leaders of the PeopleWise Emperor: b.304-d.232 B.C.E
Leaders of the PeopleKing of Conquest: b.356-323 B.C.E
Leaders of the PeopleFemale Pharaoh: b.69-d.30 B.C.E
Leaders of the PeopleEmpire Builder: b.63 B.C.E- d.14 A.D
Leaders of the PeopleDynamic Emperor: b.280- d.337
Leaders of the PeopleArchitect of Empire: b.588-d.644
Leaders of the PeopleEurope's Father: circa 742-d.814
Leaders of the PeopleClement Commander: b.1138-d.1193
Leaders of the PeopleKing of Warlords: b.1167-d.1227
Leaders of the PeopleSaintly Warrior: b.1412-d.1431
Leaders of the PeopleUnifier of Spain: b.1451-d.1504
Leaders of the PeopleCallous Conquistador: b.1485-d.1547
Leaders of the PeopleTriumphant Turk: b.1494-d.1566
Leaders of the People Religious Rebel: b.1483-d.1546
Leaders of the PeopleMajestic Mughal: b.1542-d.1605
Leaders of the PeopleRenaissance Royal: b.1533-d.1603
Leaders of the PeopleRussia's Renewer: b.1672-d.1725
Leaders of the PeopleCultivator of a Nation: b.1732-d.1799
Leaders of the PeopleTerror's Tribune: b.1758-d.1794
Leaders of the People'Hyena in Petticoats': b.1759-d.1797
Leaders of the PeopleMan on Horseback: b.1769-d.1821
Leaders of the PeopleLiberator of Nations: 1783-1830
Leaders of the PeopleResistance Fighter: b.1831-d.1890
Leaders of the PeopleVoice of Freedom: b.1809-d.1865
Leaders of the PeopleCapital's Cassandra: b.1818-d.1883
Leaders of the PeopleTitan of Revolution: b.1870-d.1924
Leaders of the PeopleSuffrage Crusader: b.1858-d.1928
Leaders of the PeopleFreedom Fighter: b.1879-d.1966
Leaders of the PeopleFanatical Fascist: b.1889-d.1945
Leaders of the PeopleBritain's Bulwark: b.1874-d.1965
Leaders of the PeopleDemocracy's Defender: b.1882-d.1945
Leaders of the PeopleTyrant in Disguise: b.1893-d.1976
Leaders of the PeopleIndia's Liberator: b.1869-d.1948
Leaders of the PeopleAmerican Dreamer: b.1929-d.1968
Leaders of the PeopleSlayer of Apartheid: b.1918-d.2013
Leaders of the PeopleThe Ides of March: b.100-d.44 B.C.E
Leaders of the PeopleWarlord of Samarkand: b.1336-d.1405
Leaders of the PeopleBrutal Terrorist: b.1957-d.2011
Architects of CulturePoetry's Father: lived in the 9th century B.C.E
Architects of CultureTitan of Tragedy: b.496-d.406 B.C.E
Architects of CultureChivalry's Patron: b.1122-d.1204
Architects of CultureComedy Writer: b.1265-1321
Architects of CultureProdigious Polymath: b.1452-d.1519
Architects of CulturePower Player: b.1469-d.1527
Architects of CultureMaster of Arts: b.1475-d.1564
Architects of CultureMaster Architect: b.1508-d.1580
Architects of CultureVisionary Novelist: b.1547-d.1616
Architects of CulturePower Player: b.1564-d.1616
Architects of CultureOld Master: b.1606-d.1669
Architects of CultureMagisterial Musician: b.1685-d.1750
Architects of CultureGenial Genius: b.1706-d.1790
Architects of CultureCapitalist Icon: b.1723-d.1790
Architects of CultureFounding Romantic: b.1712-d.1778
Architects of CultureAmerican Sphinx: b.1743-d.1826
Architects of CultureRomantic Rebel: b.1770-d. 1827
Architects of CultureWillful Philosopher: b. 1844-d. 1900
Architects of CultureTrailblazing Musician b. 1901-d. 1971
Architects of CulturePrimal, Protean Artist: b. 1881-d. 1973
Architects of CultureMaster Form-Giver: b.1886-d. 1969
Architects of CultureIconic Athlete: b. 1942- Present
Architects of CultureMusical Innovators: 1960-1970
Architects of CultureGerman Novelist: b. 1749-d.1832
Architects of CultureWriter for Change: b.1812-d. 1870
Architects of CultureTowering Fictionist: b. 1828-d. 1910

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