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QUIZ: Can you name these Musicals based on Movies by their Songs?

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Three SongsMusicalYear
Solidarity, Born to Boogie, Merry Christmas, Maggie Thatcher2008
Marry Well, The Girl Who Has Everything, The Cake I Had2006
Friday Night, Jackson, Killer Instinct, Eva's Rant2012
Always Loom on the Bright Side of Life, Brave Sir Robin, Come With Me2005
Cards, Selling Out, This is Not an Exit2016
Arabian Nights, Friend Like Me, One Jump Ahead2014
Chim Chim Cher-ee, A Spoonful of Sugar, Let's go Fly a Kite2006
Part of your world, Under the Sea, Poor Unfortunate Souls2008
Be our Guest, Gaston, The Mob Song1994
Someone Else's Skin, Fly, Fly Away, The Pinstripes Are All That They See2011
I Am What I Am, With Anne on my Arm, Look Over There1983
What's Inside, When he Sees Me, Bad Idea2016
Circle of Life, Be Prepared, Endless Night1997
Jungle Funk, Son of man, Strangers like Me2006
Believe, Stronger, What You Mean to Me2015
Three SongsMusicalYear
Donkey Pot Pie, Welcome to Duloc/What's Up Duloc, Build a Wall2008
Lullaby of Broadway, Dames, I Only Have Eyes for You1980
Seize the Day, The Bottom Line, Brooklyn's Here2012
You're in the Band, Stick It to the Man, Time to Play2015
Good Morning Baltimore, Big, Blonde and Beautiful, You Can't Stop the Beat2002
Greatest Star of All, Journey to Paramount, Girl Meets Boy1994
Falling Slowly, Gold, It Cannot Be About That2012
Roll in the Hay, Life, Life, Deep Love2007
Omigod you Guys, The Harvard Variations, Bend and Snap2007
The King of Broadway, We Can Do It, Springtime for Hitler2001
Ain't Down Yet, Raining, Training Montage #22014
Land of Lola, The History of Wrong Guys, Raise you Up2013
What Do I Need with Love?, Forget About the Boy, The Speed Test2002
I Got Rhythm, Shall we Dance?, But Not For Me2015
Falling Into You, You're Never Alone, It All Fades Away2014

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