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Who takes power buy force and rules with total authority? 
What is a story told by actors who pretend to be characters? 
What is a traditional story about gods and heroes? 
What is a long poem about heroic deeds? 
What is a short story that teaches a lesson? 
Name one of the three major gods. 
Who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey? 
Who was a slave that wrote many fables? 
Who was the Mycenaean king? 
Who was the tyrant that seized power in 560 B.C.? 
What made it difficult for the Greeks to be unified? 
Where were the Mycenaeans originally from? 
Where did the 12 most important gods and goddesses live? 
What city, named after Athena, was a democracy? 
What major city was an oligarchy? 
What happened to the Minoan civilization around 1450 B.C.? 
What did Arthur Evans discover in 1900? 
What did the Minoan Palace have that was unusual for such an early time? 
Who replaced the Minoans as the major power of the Mediterranean? 
What developed in Hellenistic cities? 
How many flavors does the 'Jelly Belly' jelly bean company make? 
When was the Mars candy company established (HINT: it's in the 1930s)? 
True or False: Dark chocolate prevents heart attacks. 
True or False: In 17th century, it was illegal for the nobles of the court to eat chocolate. 
Who was the company that invented chocolate chips? 

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