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Can you name the characters in Glen Cook's Black Company series?

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Diminutive wizard with dark skin, one of the oldest members
Many-voiced sorceress who enlists the Company at Beryl
Mysterious man who goes by Corbie in the Barrowlands
Shadowmaster afraid of shadows and the Glittering Stone
Leader of the Nar besieged at Dejagore
Sorcerer who accidentally revives the Taken
Ruler of Taglios
Most powerful Rebel general who becomes one of the Taken
Small, ugly wizard with a wide grin
Physician and Annalist
Gigantic sorcerer with a mouth like a crocodile
Wizard killed by the forvalaka in Beryl
Ancient evil emperor entombed at the Barrowlands
Innkeeper from Juniper who sells corpses
Disfigured sorcerer with a grudge against the Company
Former empress who joins the Company
Deaf mute who nullifies magic
Standard-bearer who becomes Annalist
Sergeant killed at the Barrowland
Sorcerer who does not speak

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