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QuestionAnswerFun facts
What branch did Gibbs serve in?
What is Abby's job?
Who did Ari shoot in the shoulder?
What do snipers call the riffle used by Ari to kill Agent Todd?
Who was Gibbs' mentor?
What is McGee's sister's name?
Where did agent Todd work before NCIS?
Where did DiNozzo go to college?
What was Gibbs' late daughter's name?
What type of women does Gibbs prefer?
QuestionAnswerFun facts
What does Gibbs build in his basement?
What rap star/dreamboat had a guest appearance?
What was Gibbs' job in the service?
What is Duckie's mom's name?
Who did Palmer have a secret office romance with?
What is McGee's pen name?
Who is the arms dealer that Director Shephard chases after?
Who broke DiNozzo's heart?
What kind of bed does Abby sleep in?
What does NCIS stand for?

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