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The general plan for disseminating information and soliciting input during planned organizational change
Individuals or groups who prefer the status quo based on their satisfaction with current circumstances or their lack of understanding of a need for change.
A variety of overt attempts to block change.
Consulting model in which the organization and specialist work jointly to diagnose problems and generate solutions.
The belief that another individual, group, or organization, is competent, open and honest, concerned about employees, reliable, and identifies with common goals, norms, and values
Attempts to change an organization's basic design by altering chains of command, work functions, spans of control, and decision-making protocols.
Consulting model in which the organization expects the specialist to diagnose problems and prescribe solutions.
A variety of mostly convert attempts to block change.
Efforts focusing on the development and engagement of organizational employees as resources.
The degree of ambiguity a change brings to both individuals and groups.

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