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QUIZ: Can you name the title of the book by the first names of the characters?

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First NameBook TitleAuthor
Winston, Julia, Parsons
Frodo, Aragorn, Gandalf
Billy, Montana, Kilgore
Dorian, Basil, Henry
Mustapha, Popé, Lenina
Holden, Phoebe, Sunny
Howard, Peter, Ellsworth
Jem, Scout, Atticus
Robert, Sophie, Leigh
Danny, Jack, Wendy
Alan, Ellie, John
First NameBook TitleAuthor
Mitch, Abby, Wayne
Harry, Hermoine, Ron
Charlie, Willy, Joe
Frank, Joe, Chet
Ebeneezer, Fred, Jacob
Dagny, Henry, John
Heathcliff, Catherine, Edgar
Maya, Thorn, Michael
Stu, Fanny, Larry
Napoleon, Snowball, Boxer
Guy, Mildred, Clarisse

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