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QUIZ: Can you name the Mac Miller - Finish The Lyric?

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Beginning of LyricFinish the LyricMixtape / Song + Number of Words
I smoke herb, and I make musicK.I.D.S. (11)
Cream cheese and a bagel, have a glass of milk and an EggoK.I.D.S. (11)
From basement studios, to some official s***,La La La La (11)
This is Pittsburgh, home of the 6 rings,K.I.D.S. (10)
Classy ass women, fresh ass linen, hot summer daysThe High Life (7)
I'm a beast match this style in barsK.I.D.S. (9)
Beginning of LyricFinish the LyricMixtape / Song + Number of Words
Mouth my words, don't say s***, ShhhhK.I.D.S. (7)
MC's up in my cypher, come and show me love, sayThe Underclassmen (9)
And when the money come, I'ma give it backThe High Life (9)
Look, my money good but these hoes badK.I.D.S. (7)
Drink in the red cup, pre-roll ten bluntsLive it Up (11)
Nothing left to say, now it's time for action, no more bullshitThe High Life (3)

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