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In the beginning
From slaves to freedom
Relating ti the Levites
In the wilderness
He fell the walls of Jericho
They rule by interpreting the law
The first of the Prophets
First Prophet Redux
The rulers of the Kindom
Those rulers again
Swords into plowshares, spears into pruning hooks
To Three Dog Night he was a bullfrog
Them bones
Married a woman who did not love him back
Locust invasion
'Seek good not evil so that you might live.'
Evil never wins
He ends up in a whale of trouble
Do justly,love mercy, walk humbly.
Enemies are lions, general grasshoppers
He made clay tablets
Bad news for Israel and Judah
Talks about the houses
Told to help people rebuild the Temple
Told of Elijah the prohet's coming
Beautiful Poems
Old sayings attributed to King Solomon
He had infinite patience
Beautiful music
The first convert
Oh woe is me
Wisdom is essential for a meningful life
She saved the Jews in Persia
In the lion's den
Scribe who brought Israelites back to the Torah
Boastfully asks to be remembered
Remembers entire history up until its time
Smaes as above Part 2

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