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Can you name the facts about Hanukkah?

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Israel was ruled by this empire prior to the events celebrated on Hanukkah
This emperor began to restrict Jewish religious practice
This priest began to organize resistance against the empire
His sons were known collectively by this name
After his death, this son led the revolt
Victories against the empire allowed the Jewish army to enter the Holy Temple in this city
They entered the Holy Temple on this day of the Jewish calendar, on which Hanukkah begins
Upon entering the temple, they sought to perform a ritual on this temple object
In the temple, this object had this many branches
The ritual required this substance, which is considered best for use in the modern Hanukkah ritual
In the modern Hanukkah ritual, many use these in place of the above substance
There was enough of the substance to last for this many days
A miracle occurred, and it lasted for this many days, which is how long Hanukkah lasts
The word Hanukkah means this, which is what the Jewish army did to the Holy Temple at that time
Years after that miracle, the Jewish army won complete independence from the empire and founded this dynasty
This top-like toy is traditionally played on Hanukkah
These fried treats are customarily served on Hanukkah
Passages from this Biblical book are read in the synagogue every day of Hanukkah

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