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Can you name the Arcade Fire lyrics that mention 'town', 'city', etc.?

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Let's go downtown and watch the modern kids / Lets go downtown and talk to the modern kids
Let's go for a drive / And see the town tonight
In a suburban war / Your part of town against mine
When I know is what you know is right / In the city it's the only light
Please stop now before it's too late / Been eating in the ghetto on a hundred dollar plate
Dreamed I drove home to Houston / On a highway that was underground
Into the light of a bridge that burns / As I drive from the city with the money that I earned
Time keeps creeping through the neighborhood
The same city where I go when I sleep / You can't swim across a river so deep
Oh this city's changed so much / Since I was a little child
First they built the road, then they built the town / That's why we're still driving around and around
It's for your own good / It's for the neighborhood
And meet me in the middle / The middle of the town
First they built the road, then they built the town / That's why I'm still driving around
Let's take a drive through the _____ / Through these towns they built to change

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