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study of matter and motion through spacetime.
natural science that deals with the study of celestial objects
natural science dealing with the study of life and natural oganisms
scientific study of the morphology of the human body
science of matter and the changes it undergoes
these scientific subjects started where?
the scientific revolution began where?
the scientific revolution began in what era?
and continued until
religion, superstition, and fear were replaced by...
first person to displace the earth to the center of the universe
who developed the laws of planetary motion?
who came up with the theory of universal gravitation?
Who was called the father of modern observational astronomy and physics
the scientific revolution led to the establishment of several modern...
what did many people believe to be in the center of the universe?
after the revolution what did people believe was the center of the solar system?
what method did Galileo come up with?
Andreas Vasalius wrote one of the most influential books on what subject?
Ambrose Pare was considered the father of what?
Herman Borehaave is considered the father of what subject
Pierre Vernier was the inventor of what scale?
Evangelista Torricelli was best known for inventing what?
John Napier invented what?
William Oughtred first performed what?
Pascal invented what?
Dennis Papin invented what?
Otto Von Guericke was the first human to knowingly generate what using a machine?
Georg Agricola was known as the father of what?
Robert Boyle established what law of chemistry?

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