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Forced Order
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This Philosopher is credited with the idea that all people have 3 Natural Rights - Life, Liberty and Property
The type of government where one ruler holds total power over all aspects of government and life in their country
This Portuguese explorer was first to sail around the bottom of Africa and reach India from Europe
These three alliterative terms describe the three primary motives for countries colonizing
Founder of Capitalism, wrote The Wealth of Nations in 1776
This man was born on Corsica, and died on St. Helena
This German monk is credited with starting the Protestant Reformation in 1517
This Renaissance Man painted the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper during the Renaissance
This country was first to industrialize
After Napoleon escaped from Elba and raised an army, he was again defeated at this Battle in modern-day Belgium. It was his last stand
This Welsh Mill owner fought throughout his life to eliminate child labor from factories
This occurred in 1347, and wiped out about 1/3 of Europe's population
This term describes the phase of the French Revolution between 1792-1794, where many were executed for being 'counterrevolutionary'
Author of The Prince, believed that the 'Ends Justify the Means'
The preferred method of execution during the French Revolution
This French statesman was essentially in charge during the most violent phase of the French Revolution
This acronym is helpful in recalling the factors of industrialization
This French King was married to Marie Antoinette and was taken out of power in 1789
This was the source of energy that allowed for widespread industrialization
Karl Marx used this term to describe the working class
A french phrase meaning 'HANDS OFF' or 'LET IT BE' - it was used by Adam Smith to describe how a Free Market economy should not have too much interference by the government
The German inventor of the moveable-type printing press
King of England who created the Church of England when the Pope denied his request for a divorce
These two European nations led the way in sailing to the 'New World' and setting up colonies in the Americas
Identify the term for a government where the religious leaders are also the political rulers

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