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Forced Order
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A term that we often use to describe a country such as Germany, but Europeans would typically use to describe
Russia's strategy to defend against Napoleon's Grand Army of 600,000 soldiers
Name the three countries, in order, that Prussia went to war with during the 1860s
A term beginning with R that describes a politician who is willing to do bad things to get a good results - a practical politician
Large migration of workers from rural areas into the cities, especially during the Industrialization
Prime Minister of Prussia who developed the 4-phase plan for unifying Germany into a single state
This author of 'Social Contract' and 'Leviathan', this philosopher would have disagreed with Locke about Humans being naturally good and rational
A single political power, such as an empire, that includes many different people groups is known as a ...
The title of the work of art that is hanging in Mr. Meier's classroom, it was painted by Raphael and portrays many of the classical thinkers in the capital of Greece
The Italian who 'got it all started' by founding the Young Italy Movement
During the 1800s, the two dominant German-speaking countries were...
This era can be translated as Rebirth (referring to a rebirth of Classical society)
On October 31st, 1517, Martin Luther nailed this famous list to the Church door at Wittenburg. Many say this was the start of the Protestant Reformation
Similar to a peasant, this 4-letter word refers to a rural worker who is essentially a servant to the owner of the lands
The Italian military leader who led the Red Shirts on the Expedition of the Thousand to unify various Italian states
The document that Bismarck had altered in order to provoke France into war
The Prime Minister of Sardinia who was the primary politician behind constructing a unified Italy
The area of land that Napoleon sold to Thomas Jefferson's United States
In all, seven different wars were fought against Napoleon. They were named the 'War of the First _______', 'War of the Second ________' ...etc.
Napoleon's unsuccessful strategy to fight Britain by outlawing any trade with Britain throughout Europe
A country where the vast majority of its citizens all belong to the same nation is called a ...
Author of the Communist Manifesto
This 2-word term describes a absolute ruler who uses that power for the best interests of the people
This 1815 Peace Conference between European powers was called to decide how they would re-draw the boundaries of Europe after Napoleon was defeated
The island where Napoleon was exiled the first time

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