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Can you name the Perissodactyla and Artiodactyla

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DescriptionScientific NameCommon Name
Weigh on central digit (O)Odd-toed ungulates (O)
Hypsodont, postorbital bar (F)Horses, zebras, and asses (F)
Flat maneDomestic horse
Proboscis (F)Tapirs (F)
Hair horn (F)Rhinos (F)
Pointed upper lipBlack rhino
Flat upper lipWhite rhino
Weight on 3rd and 4th digit (O)Even-toed ungulates (O)
Triangular skull, tusks (F)Pigs and hogs (F)
Triangular skullDomestic and wild pig
Triangular skull, no tusks (F)Peccaries (F)
SameCollared peccary
Eyes on top of head (F)Hippo (F)
No upper incisors, cleft lower lip (F)Camels and llamas (F)
Canines, small pointed head (F)Mouse deer (F)
Tall (F)Giraffes (F)
DescriptionScientific NameCommon Name
Cannon bone, antlers (F)Deer (F)
1 main beam with many tinesWhite-tailed
Split branchingMule deer
Gigantic, elk teethElk
Semi-palmated antlersCaribou
Very palmated antlersMoose
False horns (F)Pronghorn (F)
Fastest in NAPronghorn antelope
Horns (F)True-horned mammals (F)
Nasal and max don't touchBuffalo
Nasal and max touchCow
**** goatGoat
Gigantic rounded hornsBighorn sheep
White fur, elongated rostrumMountain goat

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