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DescriptionScientific NameCommon Name
2/1 incisors, fenestration in front of eye (O)Rabbits, Hares and Pikas
Larger (F)Rabbit and Hare
Postorbital process touches but not fusedEastern Cottontail
Postorbital process is fused with a small holeSwamp Rabbit
Large body and ears, color dimorphismWhite-tailed Jackrabbit
Small (F)Pika
Hair on soles of feet, short round earsPika
No canines or premolars, 1/1 open rooted incisors (O)Rodent Order
Small to non-existent infraorbital foramen (sO)Squirrel-like Suborder
Mountain Beaver (F)Mountain Beaver
No tail, triangular skull, flat craniumMountain Beaver
Beaver (F)Beaver
Flat tail, orange deposit on teeth, broad jugal boneBeaver
Large hind legs, butthead (F)Pocket mice, Kangaroo Rat
Mole-like (F)Pocket Gopher
Thick body, small eyes, grooved upper incisorsPlains Pocket Gopher
Postorbital process (F)Squirrel Family
No orange deposit, high-crowned cheek teethWoodchuck
Flat tail, patagiumSouthern Flying Squirrel
Stripes stop at rumpEastern Chipmunk
13 lines on back13-Lined Ground Squirrel
No postorbital bar, orange deposits on teethFranklin's Ground Squirrel
Small and redRed Squirrel
5th cheek toothGray Squirrel
4 cheek teethFox Squirrel
DescriptionScientific NameCommon Name
Very large infraorbital foramen (sO)Porcupine-like Suborder
Porcupine (F)Porcupine
Barbed spinesPorcupine
Nutria (F)Nutria
Round tail, prismatic dentition, large paroccipital processNutria
Capybara (F)Capybara
Gigantic, large infraorbital foramenCapybara
Teardrop shaped infraorbital foramen (sO)Mouse-like Suborder
Molariform teeth form 3 rows of cusps (F)Old World Rats and Mice Family
Tail longer than head and body, temporal ridges bowedBlack Rat
Head + body longer than tail, parallel temporal ridgesNorway Rat
Notched upper incisorHouse Mouse
New World MiceNew World Rats and Mice Family
Cusps on molars, flask-shaped braincase (sF)Rats and Mice Subfamily
Small version of kangaroo ratWestern Harvest Mouse
Furry tail with white ventorEastern Wood Rat
White BellyDeer/White-footed Mouse
Sharper angles on skull, prismatic dentition (sF)Voles and Lemmings Subfamily
Short tail, groove in upper incisorsSouthern Bog Lemming
Short tail, no groove in upper incisorsPine Vole
Long tail, silvery white ventorMeadow Vole
Long tail, buffy/orangish ventorPrairie Vole
Flattened tail, biggest oneMuskrat
Jumpers (F)Jumping Mice
Long tail, large hind legs, stripe on topMeadow Jumping Mouse

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